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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

August 8, 2006


My Dear “Children of Israel,”


I look to this new horizon as I have before, and I give you My most gracious blessing and invitation, and the good will to fulfill My Divine Will which I outlined for you at the inception of time.  All are invited!


In this time period of corruption and confusion and war and division, so much unfolds among peoples of different cultures and races, of different beliefs and understandings, all of which they believe will bring them to eternal glory. 


I am the God of Abraham!  I am the God of every religion foretold.  Was not I the One Who brought you out of slavery?  Was it not I Who gave you good things and food to eat and water to drink?  Is it not I Who should receive the glory?  How soon you forget and seek other means and diversions and enticements!  What have I done to be treated thusly?


Yet, as your God, I initially give you another opportunity.  If you do not accept it, then you are foolish.  For when you find out the Truth, will not even you be saying, “May God have mercy on me for my error?”


Perhaps you had better look to the Truth now and discern it so that you do not commit the sin of omission, but rather reap the benefits and fruits and graces and gifts and healings and the miraculous, awesome, omnipotent blessings. 


Perhaps you, who think that you know how God chooses and thinks, believe how wise you are.  However, perhaps even those who are ignorant in your eyes, but who know My Love, will surpass even your knowledge because they are wise in My Eyes. No human being or creature on this planet or in the cosmos can know the breadth and depth of the Mind and Wisdom that I your Father have. 


Be distracted now, as you may wish to do.  Pay attention to other things.  However, you cannot escape the one day, the awesome day, on which I shall call upon you.  Then, then tell Me in your wisdom the reasons why you persuaded and led My people away from Me because you thought you knew when and to whom and how I would communicate.  How it was with the prophets, so too it is today! 


I would prepare and love and be at peace with Me.  Peace can exist in your world if you really desire it.  I have outlined the Way.  If you would but stop and look within and beyond the human mind, you will see the Truth.  It takes cooperation and unity.  It takes a commitment and affirmation to allow Justice and what is right, in their fullest sense, to unfold.


Receive my blessings; and know that I am with you, waiting for your mercy, not sacrifice.