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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Talone Sullivan

To the World

August 8, 2008


Children of Humanity,


As a Father of Love I graciously come again in the midst of you, as I am always present, but in a different way, to rekindle a new Love with you. Through My Son and the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you have all things at your side and in reach. 


Use, ask, and devote all the graces on your own behalf and to help others.  Evangelize in the way of Love.  Obey My Commandments.  Do not bear false witness against your brother.  Love God above all, and love your neighbor as yourself.


The time of great importance is here.  Throughout the centuries I have led my people through trials, tribulations and persecutions.  They have been victorious in war and have been defeated through lack of response and prayer or through disobedience. 


Love your God with all your heart.  This time is so important.  You cannot stop the Hand of God!  I do what I desire.  I give, and I take away.  I am the Alpha and the Omega.  I am the fire at night to lead in darkness, and the cloud in day to protect from danger. 


Come and know that now, more than ever before, there is much to gain in life, protection and the virtues of Love through My Son and through the spouse of the  Holy Spirit, whom the Blessed Trinity has allowed to come. For you she pleads. 


I am Who am.  I see and cannot dismiss.  I forgive even if you cannot.  I am faithful even if you are not.  There is truly a day, when you will know; and you will miss not only this opportunity that at least my prophets before and my people believed, but you will miss the opportunity that you could have had and the graces and the protection of your soul.


Life (physical life) is only dust—a life that is breathed into you.  The soul is accountable and lives for all eternity.   Where the soul goes depends on your free will. 


In the days of old, the good and the bad fought and killed.  Who won?  Life went to dust.  The soul went to eternity (Heaven or hell). The opportunity—freedom—was based on free will and faithfulness to Me.


Thou shall not kill.  If you hate, then you have killed; for you have sinned already.   As a rule for your own fate:  reconcile and love, for I am a God Who is Just and Merciful.  Only I weigh out the ultimate Truth.