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Archived Words of God the Father

The Words of God the Father

Given on

November 26, 2006

The Feast of Christ the King

for release on

December 8, 2006

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary


My Dear Children of Humanity,


Know how loved you are through my great Love and Mercy!  Know that you are children, all  “children of Abraham.”  So many children, far greater than the number of stars in the sky! 


Those who come to know and desire Truth will come to know true “freedom.”  For this great gift today is a blessing from My Hands.  This blessing belongs to you through My Son Who is King.


“Kingdom” is the word, for I say to all of you that My Kingdom is one that dwells here and now.  My Kingdom come, My Will be done on earth as it is at My Throne!  My Kingdom, now on earth with you, is for those who desire to live it.  It is a time, a new time, a renewal for you.   For all those who desire to receive, your loving Father desires to give.


My Son, Who was forsaken and Who gave His Life on the Cross, redeemed you.  My beloved daughter, Mary, spouse of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who was beside Him pleading for you, joins in this great gift of bringing and inviting all of you to “freedom.” 


A battle in the Heavens commences and a spiritual renewal of life embarks upon the world with the Grace of My Hand shedding loving Mercy and Kindness into your souls.  How great it is to live in My Kingdom now, where I dwell!  Come all, and know your Merciful Father is One who loves and One Who gives, not One Who takes away. 


I love you.   In the Palm of My Hand, there is the world, desperate, searching, grieving, sorrowful, fighting, and mourning; and in My other Palm is the new clay, inviting, replenishing, (long pause), rejuvenating, (long pause), freeing, (long pause,  joyfully gifting,  (long pause),  forgiving,  (long pause), protecting, (long pause), fulfilling,  (long pause), and remolding  all of you. 


Come, (very long pause), come, (very long pause) ,come to Me (fading whisper).