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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

January 8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Through the great blessings and joy given to you by such a pure Virgin, Immaculate in all ways, I come blessing you in Peace.  When all the world seems to be going in another direction, those who follow My Words given to you from My Throne will not be left behind without Truth being fulfilled. 


Many initially decide to listen and hear My Words, but then put them aside and do not pay attention to them.  Yet, there are others who listen, hear My Words, devour them, and put them into practice.  For them, their safe haven and redemption are at hand.


Perhaps the world has heard too many messages to believe that the Truth is about to unfold on those of humanity who continue in their own ways.  Those who devote themselves in prayer, in charity, and in love and kindness are redeemed.  Those who displace and push Me aside, and who do not pay attention nor even care, acting as if another century or two or even hundreds of years will unfold before any happenings, are misled.


It is far better for you to live today as if it is your last.  It is far better for you to give of yourself as if it is your only opportunity.  It is far better for you to love your family members more than ever before, as if one will be taken away instantly.  It is far better for all of you to join together as a community in love and to work together in the fruition of My Holy Will. 


Words I have said throughout the generations; and each time they are said, it seems there is less attention paid to them.  If you cannot heed My Words of Truth now, then how will you heed the words in the human world, coming from governments—from counties, states, and nations?  How will you heed their words?




Prepare as if today is your last, and in joyful anticipation for those who are children of Mine, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   For you, your preparation is at hand and welcomed.  The reward of your redemption and safety and a new dwelling place is now.


Peace, the choice you have.  Regardless, I am there with you always in fidelity and faithfulness.