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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

July 8, 2006


Dear children of humanity,


I sent My Son, your Savior Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who agreed to humble Himself and to come and be born in the womb of a Virgin.  He agreed to become Flesh and to suffer for you so that all of the children of humanity would know that their sins were forgiven through His one Redemptive Act of salvation.


He taught and preached and proclaimed the Good News that I His Father am a Father of Mercy and Love, of kindness and tenderness, filled with compassion; and that My Heart was  large enough to contain all of the sins of the world.  It was so large that it could contain not only your sins, but all of your imperfections as well as all of your acts of sacrifice and penance. 


Before my Son, Moses came and preached the Good News also, taking My Words of the Ten Commandments, and urging and assisting the children of humanity to reflect and to change their ways and to return back to their “Abba”.  


Before Moses, remember Noah and that great day!  People waiting for a sign mocked him and his family as they prepared, listened to and obeyed Me, not for just simply a few years, but for several hundred years.  But no one ever knew the day or the time.  


I patiently waited for Noah to prepare, although everyone around him except a few did not listen to him.  They were making merry in many ways, in the form of adultery and other sweet enticements and good pleasures.  Then that one great day fell upon the people on earth and wiped out their existence, which I promised not to do again.  From that time to this time, tell me, “What change has there been?”  


My sweet beloved Mary, a humble servant and spouse to the Holy Spirit, continues to hold back the sword of the Angel, preventing it from striking and revealing the bowls of purification.  However, even my sweet Mary could not do this unless I allowed her, for I have been a patient and loving God.  But now, without revealing a time or a date or a place, I will forewarn humanity to take a cautious look at your very selves. Tell me, “What have you done to desecrate My Sanctuary?”  And, “What have you done to repent, as you continue to ignore My Words, the Words of my Blessed Son and those of My dearly beloved Mary?  As you continue to ignore them, you continue to entice yourselves and become blind to the Truth. 


If you followed the Word of the Gospel of My Son, there would be no need for any prophet or seer.  There has never been so great a prophet or seer or leader as my beloved John the Baptist, no other above him except for My Son.  But humanity has not followed the Word of the Gospel and has not responded as requested.  Humanity is not living My Words and praying as My beloved Mary has asked.


What will it take for the children of humanity to realize that their focusing on their petty ways and their ignoring and dismissing the Words of My Son and My beloved Mary, cannot continue without consequence? 


I speak to you now because I am a tender and loving Father.  I am the Father, your God, along with My Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and along with the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity Who enlightens you to discern the Truth.  Foolishness arises when people try to change the Truth.  It only reflects selfishness, lack of knowledge, lack of humility and lack of respect for the Truth. 


You cannot change the Word of God!  Just because the times change, you cannot change the Word of God.  You do not even pay attention to the “signs of the times”; so how can you claim to change the Word based on what you believe to be a change in the times? 


Regardless of your religion, all children of humanity, know that I am your God, with the gender of “father”, Who allowed His Son to be born of a Virgin.  No human birth can occur unless it is through a woman; and as a “father”, I remain just that, the Father. 


No one knows how long I will allow my beloved Mary to continue to hold back the sword of the Angel.  Her pleading on your behalf is nearing its end; and when that time comes, you best be prepared.  For as you have known from the Old Testament, the “children of Israel” were saved.  How many “children of Israel” are there today?