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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Talone Sullivan

To the World

July 8, 2008


My Children of Humanity,


As a gracious God, I love you with a Love no parent or human being could endure.  I see from afar; and yet, I see very closely.  There you are.  I am here with you, inviting you in a special way to pray with your heart and to be strong enough to move forward without fear.


So many are afraid of the Father.  They have no idea how gracious a “father” is:  his love, his perseverance, his patience, his endurance, his fortitude, his own fear of God, his piety and his righteousness.  A father is one who gives at all times, at every moment, unconditionally and without exception.


Time is moving forward, and so few seem to pay attention to My great Love for all.  When the time comes where there is chaos and hardships, how can you run to a Father looking for advice if you have not listened or put into practice the advice I have given before?  You would be filled with yourself; and if you are filled with “self” knowledge, and the distance from your mind to your heart is great, how will you hear the quiet words, the few I will give, of instruction to help you?


When you hear My words, you cry in fear and you are frightened; but have you ever thought to put into practice My words to truly be athletically fit to endure spiritually?  If you haven’t, then do not cry; for the negligence is not on the part of your Father, but rather in your lack of response.


I love you.  I am with you, but I will always invite you every day, more and more, to do more and to be more prepared. 


There are two lives, a life in Me and a life as you live in the world.  Choose one!  You can live in the world and still belong to Me; and if you do that, you will still be prepared.  But if you do not pay heed to Me, and you live your life without Me, then that is the graciousness of the reward of life you get.  The payment due will be forthcoming.  Your choice:  one life!