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Archived Words of God the Father

The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

Given on Pentecost Sunday for release on

 June 8, 2007


Children of Humanity,


It was My Son Who invoked My Name in His final words, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” (Mt. 27:46).  He was all alone, feeling abandoned as He gasped for His last breaths.  Yet, after His death He came to you again, sending the most glorious Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Triune God, to enlighten your minds and hearts, and to give you tremendous gifts, especially the one beautiful gift of Piety, so that all His children would remain faithful and totally dependent on Me, your Father. 


I do not desire for the world to be divided or for my children to become stranded.  No one should stray away from the Truth.  But so many forget what it means to be a “child of God,” seeking good Counsel and Knowledge and Understanding, and the awesomeness of Fear, so as to know how wonderful your Father really is.  The Piety of children is a great gift, one for all ages to understand and to trust, to have such confidence that all you desire and pray for will be fulfilled because you know a Father of Love will never leave you.


Come and realize and grasp this wonderful Understanding and receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit, sent to enlighten and to give you tremendous Wisdom, good Counsel and Fortitude.


I love you as I have always loved you.  I will never forsake you.  The one act of redemption was completed for you.  You need simply to trust and to believe without fear that I your Father will care for you always.  Any doubt blocks the reception of My Joy. 


Peace.  Little ones, be at  peace.  You will need this to discern in the future when you cannot do anything without Me.  Even if you choose to walk away and there is chaos, complete joy is not possible without living in peace with Me.