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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

May 8, 2007


Children of Humanity,


From all My Love for My creation you came forth to bear good fruit, to live in peace and harmony, to reap all the great benefits, and to enjoy the gift of life.  Through your free will you interrupted that process and your own joy to live in freedom.  However, through that same process, by your free will, you could regain it  and live together in that beauty I created. 


So many of My people cry out to Me for assistance; and being a patient and loving God, most merciful and most compassionate, I await them.  You see so many natural events which are catastrophic, and you see many other events caused by humans which are also catastrophic.  Do you not see in your midst that through your free will you are creating your own devastation by your own hands? 


My creation was beautiful!  Your creation will destroy itself.  It is only a matter of time.  With your continual rebellion against My Word and with your rebellious hearts against other people, with your indifference and demeaning ways and actions towards one another, you will find sooner rather than later the world you live in filled with fear, chaos, anxiety, crime, anger, violence, perversion and deception.


Then, this world as you know it will turn one day, through My intervention, into a world of beauty, not as you know it, but as I created it to be.  But sorrowful will you be through a change that is painful and filled with suffering, because of the lack of trust, even by those around you. 


Return and know the Truth!  Stop judging.  Stop condemning. Stop humiliating and tainting good names.  How sad the day for you when you find out the Truth and your error is revealed!  Do not wait, for you do not know the time or the day. 


Listen to My most beloved servant and handmaiden of My Son.  Listen to her (Mother Mary). She is a gift, and you are wasting precious moments with her.  How sad the time for you when you are revealed the Truth!