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The Words of God the Father

Given on May 1, 2008

The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord

through Gianna Talone Sullivan

To the World

For Distribution on

May 8, 2008


My Children of Humanity,


At what cost I would give a Life for your life!  At what cost would you give a life for Life?  Do you not understand the depth and breadth of the most hideous torture My Son endured for you?  O’ yes, as a human being, Divine and free of sin!  But He took it upon Himself for your freedom.  Is that but “words” to you?


O’ silly race, are you more knowledgeable than God?  Are you far beyond the heavens?  Are you now undefiled, infinite and most glorious?  or  Are you at the mercy of objects that you cannot control perhaps nature, perhaps humans, perhaps creatures of all sorts?


Do you understand what it means to die?  Do you understand what it means to rise?  How could you rise without first descending to another place?  You cannot rise until you die.


And if you die, do you know what means to rise?  Do you know what it means for the soul to  bring the spirit to life, and to where that soul and spirit ascend?


What if My Son had died and did not rise?  There would be no hope for you.  Every breath and word of praise whispered from your lips should give honor and glory to the Son of Man Who gave His Life to die for you so that you could rise with Him!  For He had to descend only to ascend; and because of this, now when you die, you are able to ascend.


Those, who have ears to hear, will hear!  You do not know the blessing at hand.  If you did, life as you know it would be lived differently.  So, because of this, life as you know it will change to become a life for the few who know it as it is. They will have full grasp of all of its glory and fruitfulness.


No one knows the time.  Many may mock my Words, for no one desires to know the Truth before them.  But there will be those who will desire it, as in ages past, who will see it unfold; and they will be the glorious ones to rejoice because they listened, responded and gave praise for Life!


I am there for those who want Me and who have listened along the Way.  But for those who at the last moment cry out to their God, perhaps…


And that is the end of the story.  The sentence is not finished.