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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

November  8, 2007



My Dear Children of Humanity,


You are given life.  What you do with your life is the end of the story.  This world was given life to use it, to build on it, and to graciously develop all good things.  What you do with your life, through the gifts given to you, is the end point of all of your life and its worth.

If you people listen to My Words and receive My gifts, and yet ignore the events surrounding them, whether it be an awakening or whether it be perdition, then how can it be that you and so few recognize the Creator’s Hand?


My Love for you and for all in creation has been but a footprint of My Love because so many people ignore Me and My gifts, and because of free will.  The outcome results in the destruction by human hands.  If all would but receive the grace and recognize the Source from where Life and Love stem, then all would be safe. 


What is it that you desire—that you are afraid to receive because you are afraid to ask or because of your sinful ways?


I am a God Who loves and continues to give and mercifully will forgive.   I will give and give, and will forgive and forgive; but what I ask for is attention and action.  If all are indifferent in their ways, then I have no choice other than to get humanity’s attention. 


So much to give, and so few willing to receive.  Yet, so many of you say, “Yes” you are with me and desire to receive; but then when I ask, you are afraid.  “Is it from God or is it of me?” or  “I will, but….”—-and then you turn inwardly and out of fear do not respond. 


When I ask and I give, then I expect.  If you do not give in return, then you lose the little you have.  Those who give and trust gain more, and they will be expected to give and give even more.  More is given to those who ask and respond.  To those who do not, the little they receive will be taken away. 


I love you, and I bless you.  The end of the story, the final chapter depends on your free will.