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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

 October  8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Not an hour, a moment, or even a second goes by that My Love for you does not intensify.  You think that I am not with you; and in all your hardships, you feel that you walk alone.  But I am there.  I have always been there.  Your future course oftentimes rests in your free will and in what you desire and what you will allow as assistance from Heaven.  In all those moments, I still remain by you. 


Life is precious! I have so much to give; and yet, in the freedom given to humanity, much is abused, disregarded and oftentimes disrespected.  I have prepared you over centuries and thousands of years to invite and ask you to be vigilant in your works and to keep your hearts pure. 


You cannot see your whole lifetime of work in the midst of what you are currently living.  But yet, at the same time, you desire answers immediately.  It takes time for the trees in the forest to grow; but once they are fully grown, how beautiful they are!  However, if the trees turn bad, a flame of fire will devour them, only to allow more trees to grow, fertilizing the ground so as to bear more good fruit. 


Your time of visitation is now!  How grateful you should be to reap the benefits, to listen and to pray with all your hearts to receive the blessings I desire right now to give to you.  If you think you are alone, you are not.  If all the world is against you, I am not.  I have the ultimate say; and My motive in My Presence with you and My “Words” for you are to guide you in My Way of Peace and to encourage you and assist you so that your good works will follow through to their full fruition.  This is the beauty—to encourage you and to enlighten you—because as the times increasingly worsen, you will feel more neglected and in need of more attention; and I want you to know that I am here by you and with you to give you hope. 


Read My “Words,” pray My “Words,” live My “Words,” and know that I created you and that O’ so many angels surround you to protect you.  Be at peace, and live in peace, and strive always to do and to be better.  Peace, children.