OLOE Message 01-31-2008

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

Given on January 19, 2008

For release on January 31, 2008

The Feast of St. Don Bosco


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I do not think that your country realizes the seriousness of the world’s condition and the effects it will have on humanity worldwide.  Those, who say they are Christian and love Jesus and who are prayerful and spiritual, and yet disconnect themselves via politics and other spiritual elements from moral values, are in most serious danger!

There are people on other continents who are willing to die for what they believe in truth, and they do; and yet, this country allows people to die from lack of food, shelter and healthcare, and from the kind of death caused by lack of respect and lack of dignity, killing the hearts and the vibrancy of life through slander, malice, gossip and selfishness.

I am here to help you, not to be shunned by you.  My Son came to help those who need to be helped.  How convenient it is for the righteous to disassociate themselves from the sinner, and yet say they are obedient and that they live their faith.  Is that not sacrilegious and heretical?  Would it not be better to raise your eyes and minds to God for mercy for your sins, pleading for healing and change?

If you think any war in this world has been devastating up to this point, you have not witnessed what will come without change.  You can dismiss only so much; however, you had best be prepared to answer for what you yourself have done.

I love you, and I am here to help you, not to be shunned by you!  When you or your family members are suffering in the place other than Heaven, crying out, “Lord, Lord, let me come from the dead to tell them the Truth,” would not God the Father say:

“They had Abraham and the prophets.  If they did not listen to them and your prophets now, they will not even believe those who come back from the dead.”

What will it take for you to realize your visitation is here at hand and the many gifts God wants to give to you to protect you, to keep you safe, and to draw you to His Truth?  Those who have suffered will be the ones who will heal the many who have persecuted.

I love you.  I wish you well.  I ask you to pray for Hope and to remember this:  God will never leave you, for He cannot leave Himself  (fading whisper).