OLOE Message 02-16-2003

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

February 16, 2003



Praised be Jesus!

My little ones, I have told you often that it is so necessary for all of you to focus on my Son, not to be frightened, but to focus and to pray.  Many of you have taken my words lightly.  Many of you have not believed in my words.  Many of you were frightened, and so you scattered and ran away.  Because of your fear, you chose not to listen to my words.  I told you that it was so necessary for you to focus on my Son, for a time of tribulation was coming; and that if you did not look to my Son now, it would be most difficult later because of the chaos and confusion to follow.  Because you did not focus on these words and because of your fear, you spread to so many people the fallacy that my words were not true.

Yet, in the background there I was, praying for you and inviting you to know that the time would come when it would be most necessary for prayer.  However, because of the evil and wickedness in the world, not because of humanity per se, but because of the evil, because of free will, because of the lack of prayer, because of the lack of unity and harmony, and because of power and pride, so many people have chosen to go their own ways.

Now we are in an era where all must join together.  Once again I invite you.  Once again you have free choice because of your free will.  I can tell you this, and this only, that sin is taken away when there is faith, faith through works of Love.  Please remember this.  Know that this is my message and that We are here with you, here not to mislead you, not to divide you, but to gather you.

It is as a Mother who directs you solely and only to my Son that I can invite and thank you, love you and protect you, and wrap you in my most Immaculate Heart.  My Center is here (Emmitsburg, Maryland).  This is my Center of my most Immaculate Heart.  It cannot be any other place, because I have chosen this place.  I chose this place because first my Son chose it, and here He is.  Where He is, I am too.  Where I am and where He is, We invite you to join Us  in the blessedness of the Holy Trinity.

I thank you because I am a Mother of grace.  I am a Mother of Love, of purity, and of tremendous hope, as I look to you with an invitation to look to my Son Who invites you to be free and safe.

Thank you.  Peace to you.  I am your Mother, pure and Immaculate, and all of yours as I am all of my Son’s.