OLOE Message 02-29-1996

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

February 29, 1996



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, offer to God a blind awareness of your own being.

This will enrich your interior life with a loving and delicate spiritual knowledge.

This will allow you to offer God a precious gift.

It unites yourself to God continually in the midst of your daily activities.

Adsorb yourself in His Love, and you will be secure, gentle and fearless.

You will rest quietly in the loving contemplation of God and be wonderfully nourished.

You will gain strength and forget the concerns of the flesh.

You will grow in loving confidence of His Truth, and you will realize how much God loves you as you are in your weakness.

Each day you have the opportunity to grow in His Love.

Each opportunity to love is unique in itself and passes by once.

Be inspired by this wisdom and glorious gift of love.

Love yourself as you are in your weakness.

Go about your daily activities continually offering to God your entire    being, and share an outward expression of love to others.

You will be made perfect both interiorly and exteriorly through His grace.

A blind offering of yourself unites you to God and allows you to fulfill the designs of His plans for you.

I bless you, little ones, with His Peace.

I take your petitions to the Father.

Thank you for responding to my call.



(Our lady prayed a very long time with us and blessed everyone.)