OLOE Message 04-09-2004

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

April 9, 2004

Good Friday



Little children, praised be Jesus!

O’ my little ones, God looks down upon you from Heaven above.  He takes your prayers, your petitions and your intentions.  He tells you in your hearts how much He loves you and how much He suffered for you.  He was flogged because of His Love for you.  So too are you flogged by temptations, personal tribulations, desolation and misfortunes; but God loves you.

I His Mother desire you to know that He your God is not alone with you, but I your Mother join Him and am also with you.  God the Father releases the graces and gifts of holiness upon you, for all those who love, respect, adore, and humbly submit and surrender their lives to Divine Providence.  I would ask all of you to do this.  We love you.

You can never go wrong in your prayer lives and in your daily lives if you make my Son the most visible part of your minds, your hearts and your souls.  May your lips forever proclaim the glorious Truth of His Salvific Act of redemption for you.

You should know how I as a Mother comfort you, especially during this time when so many are being attacked, are doubtful, are searching, are wondering where to go and what to do, and even seem lost.  I your Mother am with you, chasing after you, striving to see you eye to eye just as I did with my Son during His Passion, because you are special and you can bring about a change.

The evil one would like all humanity to think that there is no place in this materialistic world for people of prayer and for those who hold in their hearts the Truth and follow my Son’s Word in the Gospel.  Do not look to this world.  Look at my Son’s Life from the Incarnation through His Resurrection, and focus on His Salvific Act of Love for you.  Look to those who are genuine in their prayer lives, regardless of their faith; so that through your actions, your words may glorify God; and so that He then can direct, draw, refurbish, and make everything NEW.

I am only a Mother, and I humbly bow to my Eternal Creator.  As a Mother I invite all my children to bow also to our Eternal Creator, each seeking to show no superiority over others in any aspect of life; because it is God Who rules, decides, appoints, invites, and heals.  How glorious a moment!  How honored a position!  How grateful am I to be among you, with you, beside you and in you, along with my Son, as your Mother!


Peace to you.