OLOE Message 06-05-1997

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

June 05, 1997




My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, implore Jesus with loving praise and supplication.

Continue to pray without ceasing for all the wonders of life.

He will bend His ear to your prayers and give to you the comfort you need in your afflictions.

Rejoice in God, and acknowledge Him as your Creator.

Jesus is your Redeemer. Place your trust in Him.

Be faithful to His Word of salvation.

His loving kindness will embrace you.

Do not fear, but rejoice and have hope. God does exist.

Loving praises soothes His Wounds, afflicted upon Him from the sacrileges and outrages against His Most Sacred Heart, and in response provides you with His comforting assistance.

He will respond to you. He will never abandon you.

The people of this world need to learn of the Truth and meaning of unconditional Love and friendship.

Many people desire only to receive, receive and receive.

If they do not receive what they desire when they pray, they become frustrated, angry, feel forgotten and have self-pity.

God too desires to receive, but continues to give, give, give.

Unconditional Love requires giving and receiving.

Be like Jesus, little ones, who gives and receives unconditionally for the sake of love.

Love Jesus, little ones, as He deserves.

He is infinite.

Dedicate yourselves entirely to His service without seeking reward or answers to your prayers.

God will be pleased with your efforts.

He will enrich you and take delight in giving you more than you can receive.

Never grow weary in praising God and showing Him your gratitude.

You will receive great joy and consolation in spirit; and in the process you will prepare yourselves to receive additional graces from Him.

I love you, and bless you in His Name.

Thank you for responding to my call.