OLOE Message 06-15-2000

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Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

June 15, 2000



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, all four corners of the world can be unified in Jesus through the Eucharist.

It is the Eucharistic Jesus Who draws people into the Oneness of God because Jesus through the Eucharist lives in you; and if He lives in you, He also lives in others.

My Son is the Living Presence Who once sanctified Himself as an offering for you so that you might be able to live in Him forever and be victorious over the grips of evil’s persuasion.

My Son is the Center of Life itself, and life centers around Him.

He alone is the unifying force, in contrast to leaders who believe in a one world governing body in an attempt to unify similarities of peoples.

Look to Jesus, little children, and you will be looking at a Eucharistic Jesus in the Mystical Presence of His true Body and Blood, shed as the price for your salvation and freedom, that all may be One with Him whether Jew or Gentile, servant or nobleman.

He is the center of unity for all nations, the unifying force, the Light from which Wisdom flows in the brilliance of His Love.

Come, little children.

Come, all of you who are weary, to your Jesus who awaits you.

He is your Life, your strength and the unifying force to peace.

Only in Him can Truth exist because He is Truth itself.

Only in the Eucharistic Jesus can unity prevail.

I take you petitions to my Son Who gives all things that are good.

Peace. Thank you for responding to my call.