OLOE Message 07-08-1999

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

July 08, 1999



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Pray, little children.  Pray with all of your hearts.

Look to your Savior’s Heart which shed blood for you.

Please pray, pray, pray!

Pray that every good thought, prayer, and desire will be like Jesus and will reflect in your actions.

Pray your interior being may be one with your exterior self, so that you may completely be whole in God’s Love.

Your soul was created for the glory of God.

It desires to live in unity with the Holy Trinity while in this world, until it dwells for all eternity in God’s eternal bliss of Love.

You have the power and the strength of the Love of Jesus.

Have faith in Him and trust Him unconditionally.

People who are searching will follow your example of love.

Be like Jesus in meekness, humility, patience and mortification.

There is so much to gain in His Light, and there is so much He desires to give to you.

He will not mislead you.

He will guide you in His merciful Love.

Sorrow exists in this world, yet you can be the Light, Hope and Love of Jesus.

Trust Him.  Believe in His Word.  Do not disbelieve.

Believe and you will see miraculous works of His Mercy.

There is great joy in Jesus.

Without Him you possess nothing, even though you may think you have everything.

Peace be with you.

I bless you in His Holy Name and take your petitions to Him.

Thank you for responding to my call.