OLOE Message 07-13-2008

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Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

July 13, 2008




Little children, praised be Jesus!

Dear children, I am a Mother, “full of Grace.”  I have extended my hand to you.  I have presented my Most Adorable and Merciful Son to you.

Children, you all possess the same Spirit of Grace that God has gifted you.  Why then do you tear one another apart?  Why is there not harmony and unity?   My Son’s Peace is that of holiness and justice.  You do not realize the tears, the penance and the sacrifices made at a price for your existence!  There are hidden heroes around the world whose love is their life’s mission.  They pray to love; and oftentimes they come between you and God, warding off Divine punishment.  They pray for a spiritual transfusion and for conversion of hearts.

It was the same during the time of my Son.  The Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Scribes did not bear fruit through their repeated sins.  They desired to persecute, to conquer, to dominate and to distort the goodness of my Son and the Truth of His Word.  Is it not the same today -with “pharisees” living with hardness of heart, desiring to tear down, persecute and dominate?  Is there not lust, gluttony, hatred and selfishness?

So today, I can tell you that true Charity will be precisely gifted upon those who are scorned, mocked, persecuted and laughed at Little ones, when something is real, you cannot stop God!  No judgment from men can impair or influence the Judgment of God.  You would only be fighting God.

I am your Mother, “full of grace”; and my Merciful Son has allowed me to distribute these graces to you.  I have a duty as a Mother to warn, to challenge, to protect and to draw all people to God.  Please, receive these graces while I am still allowed.

Seals (Rev. 6:1-17) have been broken one by one, but if all the seals were broken at once, humanity would not be able to survive.

For those who have ears, hear!  “We are not leaving.”

I love you.  I love you (fading whisper – crying).