OLOE Message 07-21-1994

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

July 21, 1994



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little children, success in life should not be enmeshed in performance which is only temporary, but should be in God.

Do not see God solely as an instrument to your happiness, but see Him as the intrinsic Way of life.

Invest in a success that is of God.

Do you not know that all you have has been given to you as a gift from God and not of your own merit?

How long will you continue to be complacent with the goodness of God?

Little children, all you do must be done for God, in God and because of God’s eternal Love for you.

All the accomplishments you achieve in your earthly life without Him will only be short-lived, because you can do nothing without Him.

Only His works are perfect.

Seek to please God.

He is infinite and you are infinitely important to Him.

You have kept your distance from Him, and as a result are imperfect in love and weak in virtue.

If you return to God, He will lovingly mold you in His Love, to love and be Love.

Place God at the center of your life by surrendering all of your attachments, concerns, fears and manipulating ways to God.

Trust in His Divine Mercy and Love.

Interiorly release all your control to God.

Be little children, dependent totally on God, and be free.

Bless you, little ones.

I take your petitions to my Son, Who is One with the Father.

I keep nothing for myself.  All is given to Him.

Praise be God forever!

Peace.  Thank you for responding to my call.


(Our Lady blessed everyone and came with two baby angels.  She prayed over everybody.)