OLOE Message 07-27-2000

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

July 27, 2000



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

If you misunderstand the words of my Son, you will misunderstand my words to you.

My Son’s Love for you is not contingent upon the standards many people establish in the world for being successful.

He is God and does not change.

He loves all people, and the hatred He experienced from people and even His Death did not change Who He was and is today.

His Love for you is endless.

He is a loving God not a dictator, but His Life was one of suffering and misinterpretation.

When He walked the earth, He spoke often times of His Passion; yet few believed that their Savior would be one who would suffer.

It is the same today.

You have different expectations of Him, just as His Apostles did, who thought they knew what the Messiah would be like.

My Son suffered and was crucified with a self-sacrificing Love for you.

You cannot give my Son glory if you speak of His Love and suffering with your lips; and if at the same time, your hearts do not want His ways to infringe upon your lives.

He said if you desire to be first, you must be last.

Little children, God desires you to live in unity without fear, but often times you pull back from community because of fear in order to protect yourselves from intruders; and when you do this, you lose what you are trying to protect.

My Son said, “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for Me will save it.”

There are two ways to live, little ones; a way of love or a way of fear.

Do not be fearful children, but trust in God and have hope.

You are invited to enter into community with Him and one another, but He will not coerce you.

He wants you to be His friends.  The choice is yours.


Thank you for responding to my call.