OLOE Message 09-15-1994

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 15, 1994



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

I am your Mother, who shares in your joys and your sorrows.

Please remember, little ones, before the sword struck you, it first pierced my Immaculate Heart.

A mother does not allow her children to suffer alone, for a mother who loves shares in that sorrow of her children.

I share your sorrow, and I take your suffering to God.

Offer all your suffering, little children, for purity, peace and charity in the world.

As a gentle Mother, I caress your tender hearts, which have been submerged in the complexity of life’s burden imposed by man.

If you only return to the simplicity of God, you can be free in Love and live in Peace.

Pray, pray, pray, little ones.

Pray that you be open to the Truth outlined by my Son and be able to decide for God, whatever the cost.

Only then can your sorrow turn into joy.

I love you, my little children.

Remember, you are infinitely important to God.

Please decide now for God, little ones, for your destiny depends on your decision.

You have a choice.

You have a free will to decide for God and be consecrated to His Word.

I bless you, little children, and I thank you for responding to my call.