OLOE Message 09-28-1995

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 28, 1995



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Love all people, little ones.

Rise above arguments and difficulties through prayer and deeds of love.

Have confidence in God’s Mercy and Love.

If you are confident, you will trust Him with a dependent surrendering love.

Accept God’s Love, and strive to be gentle, meek and humble of heart.

You are all very special to God.

There are evil forces trying to make you feel inferior and tempt you with unworthy feelings.

The evil one would like to confuse you and cause division among you in the most trivial situations in order that you would not focus on God’s Mercy and Love.

If division exists among the least important issues, how can peace exist on a larger scale?

God calls all of you to pray and to join in unity through Mercy and forgiveness of one another.

Join together and avoid issues that might stimulate friction, anger and division.

Forgive one another and rise to God’s merciful ways of Love.

Pray with confidence, and trust His Mercy and Love will soothe all broken hearts.

Pray and trust peace will exist.

Challenge yourself to show actions of love and gentleness; and without fail, continually focus on Jesus.

His Love is for you.  All your actions must be centered on God.

All your words and thoughts must be centered on God.

Do not be distracted by focusing on the offenses of others.

If you are consumed with the trivial issues , how can God entrust you with larger ones of Mercy?

Do not focus on the actions of others.

Focus on your own actions and strive to always be loving.

Refrain from speaking ill of one another or causing division at all levels.

Work  towards the finish line of God’s Love.

Pray and be merciful and strive to be like Jesus in order that you will be able to see Him face to face with a pure heart.

I bless you, little ones, in the Name of Jesus who has permitted me to be here with you.

Receive His Peace and Joy.

Thank you for responding to my call.