OLOE Message 10-13-2003

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

Through Gianna Sullivan

October 13, 2003

The Feast of the Last Apparition

 of Our Lady at Fatima



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Throughout the history of humanity there have been many, many obstacles and challenges, and many events that have hindered humanity from loving and from joining together in unity.  Both men and women fight amongst one another.  Children grow old desiring to love and to be loved; and yet they are abused, abandoned and forsaken.  People of power and leaders desire initially to help countries and the world, but many of their intentions end up becoming self-seeking and misleading. Therefore, misunderstandings increase among the public.  People then become indifferent, and often times they may become fearful.

God is One of Love.  My Son is One Who loves, Who can only Love, Who gave His Life for you because He loved you out of His Love and for the Love of His Father and the Love of the Holy Trinity.  If you recall, “The Word became Flesh”.  Because the Word first became Flesh, that one act then allowed my Son to go through His Hidden Life, through the transformation into His Public Life, and through His Transfiguration, up to the point where He surrendered Himself and shed His Blood for you.

So now as this period unfolds, which it shall, it shall be the Eucharistic Reign of my Son, a spiritual Eucharistic Reign that is filled with the glory of the Child Jesus because it was from Him that it commenced.  It then followed through to the salvific action of my Crucified Son.

You, my beloved children, will soon have a choice, just as you have choices every day of your lives that are granted by God.  That choice will be whether or not to live in unity with humanity through my Son’s Divine Love, and whether or not to live in communion, not only with the “eyes of faith”, but through the grace of your God-given  senses,  through which you will be able know and see my Son both in one another and in the precious Sacred Species.  There my Son truly is, Body and Blood, both from the inception of His Life in this world through His Death and Resurrection.  There you shall experience the ecstatic joy of being suspended in His Love.

Ponder my words and know that the God above is the same Child and Crucified Man Who brought Joy, Hope and Peace to the world.  You now are invited to seek his enlightenment of hope in this new springtime of grace.  I give you the blessing from my Son, and I thank you for your commitment to my Immaculate Heart where He too dwells.

Peace to you.  I pray the angels to protect you and guide you in the Holiness of God.