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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 1

September 20, 1988





My child, I would like you to start being and living the holiness of Me—not only in your actions,  but in your daily thoughts and feelings. Do not be holy on the surface.  Be holy within and throughout your entire body. Be Me!


(Jesus talked to me before each Sorrowful Mystery, beginning with the 2nd  mystery.)


2ND MYSTERY (The Scourging at the Pillar)

The pain of My scourging was not in the scourge itself, but in who was doing the scourging. That pain still exists. I always comforted; but when that time came for the Lord God to be comforted, My loved ones could not becausethey were afraid. Yes, fear, like in today’s world! People live in fear. Where is the trust in the Lord, in God’s comfort?


3RD MYSTERY (The Crowning of Thorns)

Then I accepted My thorns for the sake of My peoples’ fear and forgiveness of their sins, but My people could not accept this. That is the sorrow!


4TH MYSTERY (The Carrying of the Cross)

Then I carried My Cross for My people. But My people will not carry their crosses for Me.  How weak in faith you are! You all want someone else to carry your cross, and you want eternal life too. I say to you: “Carry your own cross and carry your brother’s, and then come into My Kingdom!”


5TH MYSTERY (The Crucifixion and Death on the Cross)

My people could not stop at the mockery of Me, but continued with the mockery of My mother, who cried for you at the foot of My Cross and who is still crying for you. She lived My sorrow and is still living it. Feel the pain she feels!