Vol I Lesson 21

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #21

December 22, 1988





My child, it is selfishness that keeps My people away from Me. It is their fear of giving up their control that is selfishness. What is it that My people have by their own control that I, their Lord, would not give them—and more abundantly?  They limit their own receipt of gifts. It is even during the celebration of My Birth that My people are selfish! Giving gifts is a chore, not a pleasure; and it is those gifts that I have given to My people which are not shared.


Yes, My little one, there are many children who do recognize the Truth of sharing My gifts, and who long for more.  They shall receive more! Yet, there are those who do not

recognize their gifts.


My people need to learn the many facets of My Truth!  They want to debate the theological commands of My Kingdom, but they will not grasp the simple Lessons I teach. How can I teach them fully, when they are not willing to learn the basic principles?


Many theologians gather and try to interpret My messages.  They cannot accept My words as being exactly as they are written.  If I say, “Love one another, and have mercy on one another,” that is exactly what I mean!  A theologian will take that sentence and read into it various interpretations. This is the problem! They make the Man of Man out to be a distant and complicated God. The day will come when they will know that I am a God of love and simplicity, Who wishes to serve you and your heart’s desire.