Vol I Lesson 23

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #23

December 26, 1988





My people have so much for which to be grateful. I have told them that they will share in My Glory and Divinity. If My people would begin realizing their gifts by searching within, instead of searching without, they would live with gratitude and share in My Glory.


It is a gracious and peaceful life if you are grateful for the many gifts you have and notice them in yourself. It is a gratitude which flows over to My Father, and it is He Who replenishes you.


There are few people who are grateful today, because they are continuously searching for happiness. I wish to make them happy! If they would give Me their hearts, I would comfort them. It is because of their free will that I will not infringe upon them!  It is I Who respects them, but it is also I Who weeps for them! It is I Who has the treasures of life and Who wishes them to overflow on to you.  It begins with gratitude—being grateful and searching for your inner gifts. My people will never be happy if they continue to search for gifts of momentary pleasure.


I have your gifts of eternal happiness! Simply open your hearts so that you may receive them! By living with gratitude, you shall receive gratitude. I do not mislead My people. It is they who wish to be misguided by searching for other sources of happiness.


This is a Lesson for you on gratitude.  It is simple. Open your hearts and be grateful! I, your Lord, will overfill you with such happiness that you will never need to search again!

It begins with opening your hearts to Me, and it never ends—in the comforts of My Kingdom’s peace and happiness.