Vol I Lesson 25

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #25

December 30, 1988





Glory is thankful worship and praise to My Father. As I have said, “Giving Me glory is giving My Father glory, and you are glorified in Us.”


Let Me tell you something about My Kingdom.  If you are glorified in Us, by giving glory to Us can you not dwell in My Kingdom, which is a Kingdom of Glory?   Now?   My Kingdom consists of Life. What I am telling you is that My people seek to dwell in My Kingdom as an after-life.  I am telling you that you can dwell in My Kingdom now by living your life with Me and in Me! I Am Life! My Kingdom is Life! If you are glorified in Me and live in Me now, are you not dwelling in My Kingdom now?


I tell you, there are not many living in My Kingdom now, because they have not heeded My words. My people can live in My Kingdom now. They do not need to wait for an after-life.


If you love one another, if you heed the commands I have spoken, if you live in peace, and if you adhere to the principles of My power, I assure you that you are living and dwelling in My Kingdom!  You are Life! My Father made Life, because His Kingdom is Life.


He wanted His people to live in His Kingdom.  It was His people, My people, who destroyed their lives and their living kingdom, the one in which you now dwell.  There are some of you, who live in Me now and are living in My Kingdom, among those who have destroyed their lives and their living kingdom.  I am here to save them, to restore their lives, and to give them the opportunity to dwell in My Kingdom of Life.


Make no mistake!  Those who seek My Kingdom for their after-life need to seek My Kingdom now, and to live in My Kingdom of life now!  For I lived My Life in My Father’s Kingdom of Life, which became your Kingdom of Life after My death.  Dwell in My Kingdom now with Me by living in My Kingdom of Life.  This is your good news to be shared!  With My Father’s blessing, I give you My Peace!