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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #33

January 12, 1989




If you cry because of your love for Me, imagine how much I cry because of My Love for My children. I love them so much that you cannot understand that level of Love. I tell you, My heart aches with much pain for My people because of the great Love I have for them. My people have the desire for love, but not the willingness to love; so they

are controlled by demons of fear, disappointment, hopelessness and worry.


If only they would be willing to allow Me to help them!  If only they would be willing! However, they are strapped in by “control.”  They are so convinced that they can control their lives better than I could. Then, when their fear of survival has weakened them, they cry out to My Father, and damn Him for the turmoil that could have been prevented had they allowed Us to control their weakness.


I tell you, My pain comes from wanting to help My people, but they will not allow Me. Please believe Me when I say: “It is not I Who bring your turmoil.” If you believe Me, you believe in Me, and you believe in My Father’s goodness, which is My Divinity.


How can I better express to you the seriousness of this Truth and the longing I have to fill My people with love and happiness?  How much would I give to My people, if they would allow Me!


My child, to the depths of the principalities of My Power I would give to them, and desire to now! This is not a game. This is real!  My people think that because they do not see, it is not real. I am alive, and I dwell among you!


Your theologians will attempt to decipher this meaning, I assure you. They, instead, should pray for the discernment of My meaning in their lives.  My dear one, what I see and what I hear grieves Me because of My Love for My people. My weariness stems from the pain which My Mother feels when she comforts her children and is not comforted in return!


I have been explaining this to you, so that you understand the Truth of what is to come if My people do not change and commence giving glory to My Father.