Vol I Lesson 34

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #34

January 12, 1989




My child, I wish to teach you about gifts.  I do not limit the number of graces and gifts given to you. It is you who limit the number of gifts, by limiting your receipt of them. One gift may be more profound to you than another, but I do not limit how much I give to you.


At this point, there are very few receiving My gifts, and there are few wishing to dwell in My Kingdom. I have not stopped giving My gifts. They have not accepted them because

of the hardness of their hearts. One gift is not better than another. All My gifts reflect the gifts of My Father!  From the perception of My people, one gift may seem to be more powerful, but I assure you, all gifts have the same powerful impact. When I ask you to share your gifts with one another, this awakens you to become aware and open to receive many more graces.


Please do not place superiority or greater importance on one gift over another! Please do not! My Father’s gifts are all of the same beauty and value in magnitude and importance.

Do not exemplify envy for others!  My people do this so frequently. They are not happy with the gifts they have and envy others, wishing for their gifts.


I assure you, if you wish to receive selected gifts, show Me your desire to receive them by loving one another, not by being envious! Being envious will only harden your heart

beyond extremes!


Be grateful for the gifts you have. Receive more by asking, accepting, and having faith in Me. The stronger your faith, the more you will be aware of the gifts given; and the more you will have the desire to receive.  To have faith is to trust. Remember, the least questionable doubt weakens your unity with Me in My Power.