Vol I Lesson 37

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #37

January 18, 1989




Compassion is the purity of loving, to the point at which idiosyncrasies have no meaning. It is to love someone beyond his human weaknesses and mistakes. To have compassion, you must see Me, your Lord, beyond any obstacle. To have compassion is to see Me in every person. Compassion is a form of mercy, for to have mercy on My children is to have compassion for them!


Do you understand that compassion envelops love to a point where mercy flows? I healed through My Compassion—passion for My God, co-existing with the unity of My brothers. All, who belong to My Father, are brothers to Me—.brothers, meaning fellowship in the male and female gender!


This is compassion—having a passion for your brothers, regardless of their insecurities and faults, because I dwell in them. It is a form of love, mercy and respect. It is a pure passion. It is not feeling sorrowful for someone. It is sincerely seeing the purity of My Passion co-existing in unity with their love.


That is why I tell you to see Me beyond your brother’s noticeable faults. I healed because I saw My Father’s Passion beyond My brother’s sinfulness! I had compassion for them because I had passion for My Father, Whom I saw dwelling in them, co-existing in His Unity!


You must do the same. You must always see the good in My people, not the bad. When someone is angry, look beyond his anger and see me in his beauty. When someone is spiteful, look beyond his spitefulness and see his desperation for love! Have compassion for them; because, when you have compassion for My people, you are having compassion for Me, a passion co-existing in the Unity of Oneness with My Father.


All My people are sinful, and it is only I Who can purge them and offer them to My Father!