Vol I Lesson 38

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


olume I Lesson #38

January 19, 1989




My people continue to analyze all good things. They cannot accept something good as being delivered by My Father. They do not believe that anything like a Divine Power could be possible. There must be an explanation for everything!  Then there are the people who destroy the beauty sent by My Father. They blame My Father and shout in exclamation that He did not save them.


It is your law! You question and hesitate to believe the Truth, and are quick to pass judgment on My Father as the One Who allows destruction. But it is My people who allow destruction. It is because they have invited demons of hatred and revenge to manipulate and deplete their source of goodness and love.


Child, I your Lord, am so very weary of repeating and pleading to My people for their love. You are wasting this holy land, and My Father shall soon take action! You, who were created in the likeness and image of Me, are not walking in My likeness or image!

I, your Lord, never sought revenge.

I, your Lord, never hated.

I, your Lord, only saw beauty and love in My brothers.

I died for you as an offering for your sins.

I gave My Life so that you could have life, but  My people are destroying their lives.

I, your Lord, tell you that I am weary of pleading for your salvation!


If it is your wish to destroy the gift of beauty and life, given out of the purity of My Father, so be it! It is your choice!  Do not say you were not given the opportunity to choose!  It is your free will. However, you are destroying your own freedom. So be it!


This is all I shall say to you today—this is all. All that was given to My people is being taken away because of the destructive hands and hearts of My people.