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Volume I Lesson #39

January 23, 1989




I would like now to define for you the meaning of the revelation of the Most Holy Trinity—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  It has always been a mystery to My people. The Trinity is three distinct Persons: My Father, My Spirit, and I, Who live together in Unity as One Body.


The symbol of the Trinity is a triangle. That symbolizes the flow from the Father to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, and back to the Father or to the Son, remaining as One Body. When I say you live one with Me, one with My Father and one in My Spirit, I say it is the Blessed Trinity that dwells in oneness with you! It is the symbol which is given to all My people and it is the mark within and throughout the body of My people. It really is no mystery!


My people visualize this as a mystery because the Trinity represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as One, yet in three separate distinct Persons.


As I have said to you, I live in My people, and My Father and My Spirit live in My people in oneness with Me! Is that not the Blessed Trinity living in them? Cannot My people live in oneness with the Trinity?


It is in the scope of the universe that Our people are invited to live one with Us in the Blessed Trinity. The definition of the Trinity is the Father, is the Son and is the Holy Spirit, unified as One Body, living in three distinct Persons. It is also the seal of My people living in unity and oneness with Us.


The Church has a difficult time understanding how one can live in oneness and unity with the Trinity. I tell you that through Love, all My people are living in oneness with each other, and are united to the Most Holy Trinity in Our Oneness!


Love is your key to unified oneness. Love is your revelation to understanding the Truth of being unified in oneness in the Trinity. Love flows from the Father to the Son and to the Spirit, and it is through Love that We flow on to you!  It is through Love that you unite to Us and flow with Us in Our Oneness. This is how you are made one in each other—through the Blessed Trinity, where you are one with Us  It is through Love that it is all possible—LOVE!!