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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #40

January 24, 1989




I would like all My people to know of My great Love for them; but even when they hear of this Love, they live in envy.  I wish for my people to come to Me.  It is because of My great Love for them that I am using this instrument to teach them and make known My Love for them in this age!


All of My people are blessed when they come to Me with open hearts. There is no one more blessed than another! But instead of My people opening their hearts to Me, they become envious of one another.


Envy closes My people’s hearts! It is envy which destroys your life. It is Love which gives you life.   I your Lord am Life, for I am Love!  Focus on Me.  Center your life on Me, and envy will be destroyed!


The good and the bad cannot live together! They are like oil in water—they separate. The bad shall be separated from the good.  Those who center on Me shall be purified and shall be separated from those who choose to be without their God.


It is the same principle with envy.  Envy is bad, My child. When you focus on Me, envy is destroyed, because nothing bad is able to survive with the purity of good! I am Pure. I will purify My people.


When My people are envious, they do not allow Me to shed My Love into their hearts in order to destroy their envy, because their hearts are closed!  On the contrary, if they will allow Me to be at the center of their lives, any irritation, like envy, will only be short-lived.  It cannot survive in the goodness of My Divinity and Kingdom.


This is Truth! You can be irritated by badness and envy, but it is sure not to survive in My Love!


It is envy, My child, that closed My people’s hearts in My age. It was envy that made them stray from being compassionate and which made them merciless people. It is the same today.


Do not seek envy!  Open your hearts! Seek My Love, which is overflowing abundantly for you.  Seek compassion, My compassion, and be merciful people. I tell you to go upstream when you are all going downstream!  Change the current.  Allow envy to flow out of your lives, and Love to flow into your lives.  Seeking power, money and prestige as your “god” is centering on envy! Seek love and compassion, and gain power by destroying envy!