Vol I Lesson 41

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olume I Lesson #41

January 26, 1989





Today I would like to teach you the difference between  envy and jealousy.


Jealousy is pure hatred for one another!  Envy is the path towards jealousy, which hardens your heart. When you have envy, you close your heart. It is like an iron gateway to a dungeon that closes little by little! As My people continue to be envious, their hearts harden and close little by little, until they are closed shut—tight like a drawbridge gate! That is why I say to you that envy only hardens your heart.  With jealousy, your heart is already closed, and there is hatred! Envy will lead you to be merciless people, because your hearts harden.


If you center on Me, your envy will not turn into jealousy, because it will not be able to survive.  Love supersedes all.  I am Love! If you focus on Me, you will be filled with Love, and your envy will be destroyed.


Now you understand the difference between envy and jealousy. It is envy which is the destructive poison. It leads to hardened hearts, jealousy and a merciless people.