Vol I Lesson 43

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #43

January 30, 1989





My child, I do not wish for My people to pay Me homage with their lips, but to pay Me homage with their hearts. I do not want their words, I want their hearts.


It is one thing to give Me praise by speaking words from your lips, but it is true glory you give Me when you give Me praise with your heart!


Many of My people come before Me and speak the words of prayer to My Father out of habit. It is a lip service! I wish for My people to digest the words they pray to My Father, with their hearts. This is the form of prayer which glorifies Him, My Spirit, and Me, Who am One in Them.


It is like telling someone you love them with your lips, but not meaning it with your heart! There is no need to say a list of prayers to glorify My Father. It is better to sit quietly and absorb His Presence; better to say, “I love You,” and mean it with your whole heart than to say, out of repetition and habit, a list of prayers!


How much glory you bring to Him when you recite your prayers with your heart and not your lips! I assure you of the glory which is given to My Father, when you say, “I love You,” and simply sit in the company of His Holy Spirit! It is equivalent to sitting in the presence of a loved one without having to exchange words, because of the recognizable love established. There is so much comfort in this form of prayer.


It is also comparable to a mother sitting with her child, comforting her child with her presence. It is the same that I wish of My people. I wish for them to allow Me to be in their presence and comfort them. I wish for them to begin praying with their hearts and not their lips. I wish for them to comfort Me by simply sitting quietly and absorbing the awareness of My Presence.


This will glorify them in Me. This will glorify them in My Father, Who is One with Me.


My people, I your Lord, ask for your hearts so that I can give you My Heart and glorify you in the Oneness of My Father!



Allow Me to consecrate My Heart to Yours.  Allow Me, please, My people, to love you.

I wish to give you My Kingdom.  I wish to share My Divinity with you.  Allow Me, My people!  Please allow me by giving Me your hearts!