Vol I Lesson 45

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #45

February 3, 1989





My dear one, My Lesson to you and My people is this:

I, your Lord, dwell in all who invite Me to dwell in them.


It is the power and strength of your faith and your persistence in loving, that allows you to walk with Me, talk to Me and touch Me!


My people need to grasp on to their faith and know that I dwell in them. They seek the blessed in hopes that they will be brought by them to holiness and to Me. This is wrong! They need to seek Me in themselves, and then they will grow in My holiness! It will be I, Who brings them to My Father! They need to accept Me! I will make them holy and blessed! The shy, the weak, the downtrodden need not turn away in sorrow, thinking I have not noticed them. I do notice them! I hear them. I have taken them to My Heart!


Rejoice! Hold on in the strength of your faith and know that I, your Lord, live in holiness in all who desire Me—ALL—not some—ALL! I give My Holiness, not to some, but to all who desire it!


So fear not, those of you who fear you are not remembered or noticed! I came into this world to take you, personally, into My Kingdom! It is I, your Lord, Who loves you! It is I, your Lord, Who asks you to love Me by loving one another.


Please be strong in your faith. It is the power of your faith which unites you in oneness with Me. Seek Me and desire to grow in My Holiness!


Seek Me. I shall fill the gap in your love! Love one another and you shall be loved in return. It is possible for all to attain the Kingdom where I invite you to dwell in holiness. It is all possible—through Love!