Vol I Lesson 46

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #46

February 5, 1989




I wish for My people to walk with Me and to touch Me by touching others with their love! When you love someone, you love Me. When you feed someone, you are feeding Me. When you clothe someone, you are clothing Me. You have heard this before, but they are not just words. I tell you this is true, for I live in all!  Do for Me by doing for others.  Please, believe your Lord!


I tell you that all your work does not go unnoticed. There is not one of My people I do not notice when they love, feed and clothe My poor ones—not one! I notice all, for they have loved Me, clothed Me and fed Me.  There is also not one of My people I do not notice, who hates, steals and kills My dear ones. I notice, for they hate Me, steal from Me and crucify Me!


I have told you that if you desire Me with all your heart and wish to serve Me, you must serve My people; for I am here to serve My people. If you wish to reign with Me in the Oneness of My Trinity, your heart must be one with Mine; and if you are one with Me, your wish will be My wish, which is to serve My people!


This can all be possible when My people allow Me into their hearts. As My Heart is united to yours, your desire only to serve Me becomes My desire, which is to serve My people.  I desire to bring them to My Father, to love them, to feed them My Body and Blood, to clothe them with My clothes, to offer them My Divinity and My goodness, and to invite them to dwell in My Kingdom!


This is not the way today. Today, people who ask for money for food—people really in need—are told, “I work hard for my money.  Go find another source to aid you; go get a job!” They do not share or attempt to help My needy ones.


My people do not realize that what they have, I have given them! In their greediness, they do not realize that I can also take away! It is My Mother who is so loving, and who calms My anger and comforts My sorrow!


These Lessons are to be made known to My people of this world, for they are their Lessons.


Hold on to Me and your unending power of faith in My Trinity. It is the time of My Divine Mercy! It is the time to save. I am here to save.  All who desire to live in My Unity, My Kingdom, take heed!  Hear My words! All who do not, let it be your choice; and dwell with the evil one in his flames of unending pain!  It is your choice.  There is no turning back!


Amen, Amen!  Blessed be the Most Glorious One on high.  Blessed be His Holy Name, and Blessed be His holy people who give him glory and dwell in His Kingdom.  Amen, Amen!



(Lent follows, and a time of forty days during which no message of any kind is received from Our Lord or Our Lady.)