Vol I Lesson 56

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #56

June 8, 1989





My people, know that in your journey with Me, you need rest. Do not try to do all things at one time. Walk with Me at My pace! All will fall into place if you will allow me to dwell in you. Do what I ask of you—nothing more. I have asked you to love one another. Be loving people, respectful people, and merciful ones. Allow My Mercy to flow through you out onto one another.


My loved ones, you who desire Me to dwell in you and have invited My Love, do not try so hard! Be at peace and rest. Do not run ahead of My pace. You desire to please Me and, in so doing, are doing far more than what I ask. This will only tire you.


Pray, love, and be happy, filled people. Give everything to Me. Allow Me to lift your burdens. I shall care for you. Love Me by loving one another. Love all, not selected ones of your choice; and be patient, My people. All with time according to My Father’s wish! Be patient!


Do not live for momentary pleasure! Live for My treasure of everlasting life. Practice what I teach, and you will begin to live in the holiness of My Oneness. Do not only read what I say to you. Practice My words!  My words shall take you all out of exile.


Live in Me!   Practice My Way!   Follow Me!  Rest in Me and live one with the Trinity!


Peace to you.