Vol I Lesson 58

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #58

June 12, 1989





My dear people, do not be uncertain in accepting the truth of My mercy! Do not be uncertain in using the gifts I give you. Uncertainty will only cause a roadblock in your journey with Me and lead to a weak conscience. Uncertainty will lead you to doubt in My truth.


It is good to question, My people; do not be mistaken. It is not good, however, to allow your uncertainty to eat at the inner core of your conscience!


Be certain of My mercy and My love, which shall flow out for all who desire Me. If you allow Me to love you and allow My mercy to flow on to you, you will have a clear conscience. A clear conscience is required for My mercy to flow out from you!


Do you have a clear conscience? Are you filled with anger? Have you sought reconciliation with your fellow brothers and sisters? Have you allowed Me to love you so that you can have a clear conscience? Are you ready to receive My mercy? Are you ready to allow My mercy to flow through you?


These are not words of intimidation, My people, but words of love for your inner growth! I love you so much, My people! The intensity of My love for you cannot be measured. I wish for you to live in My mercy. To live in My mercy, you must live with a clear conscience.


These words on a clear conscience and unquestionable trust in Me are not to make you feel uncomfortable but to teach you the tools to receive guaranteed salvation! They are to awaken you. You do not realize how powerful the gift of Love in itself is for salvation.


Couple the gift of Love with the gift of My Mercy, and you shall radiate in My holiness! This is all possible, My people, and it is yours—for I am yours! Look at yourselves, your conscience! Reconcile with your brothers and sisters! Accept my mercy with certainty, and receive My peace. You will be ever so happy because I will be in you, and I am Happiness. I am your God of Love!