Vol I Lesson 59

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #59

June 13, 1989





My dear people, I your Lord wish to make known to you My rededication to you! On this day I once again affirm my love for you by giving you My Heart! Through My Blood you shall be sanctified. Through My Spirit you shall be glorified. A day of renewal is at hand when the people of God shall no longer suffer, but rejoice! You shall all rejoice in my goodness. Continue to pray, My people, and live My Gospel words. They are for your renewal and salvation.


Blessed be you who suffer—for My Kingdom shall be yours. Blessed be you with torn hearts—for the blood of My Heart shall rebuild you and strengthen you as children of unquestionable faith. All, who suffer because of Me, shall not suffer in the next life! Your sin is expiated! To suffer is a blessing from Me. Rejoice and accept! Your reward shall be great.


So today, My people, know that I, your Lord, am with you and consecrate My Heart to you. Will you give Me your hearts?


Together we will be united and bonded in the Oneness of My Father and Holy Spirit. All that I have, I give you! An affirmation of My love is the confirmation of the forgiveness of your sins!


Come to Me and be cleansed, refreshed and glorified in My Holiness. Come to Me, My children, come! Allow Me to purify your tender hearts.