Vol I Lesson 61

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #61

June 20, 1989





My dear people, you wonder why I say the same words over and over again!


I tell you, I wish to teach you other important tools for your salvation, but it is you who prevent Me. If you cannot grasp or begin what I teach you now, you will not begin to practice what I wish to teach you in the future!  I repeat over and over again the basic core of peace and your salvation.


When are you going to begin to practice My words? When are you going to open your hearts and allow Me to love you? When?


I have not humbled Myself to teach you words of truth given to Me from My Father so that you can leisurely read them as a pastime! I am here for you, My people—to save you!


Take seriously My teachings. Begin to practice My words of love so that I may continue to teach and restore your peace. Receive graciously My words for, I tell you, the time will come when you will no longer hear them! They are for your salvation! They are for your life, not your death!


So do not say, My people, the same message is reiterated over and over again. When you begin to do as I have requested, My Father will allow more to be given.  I am here to save My people—to desperately try to save them! But they are not listening to Me nor allowing Me to save them.


Bring to Me this week My people in prayer, My child. I will listen and be comforted.