Vol I Lesson 62

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #62

June  21, 1989




My child, I tell My people to come to Me and receive goodness, but they do not come.  I tell My people that they shall have life, but they do not believe. I tell My people that, if they give Me their hearts and allow Me to love them, they shall have everlasting life and dwell with Me in My Kingdom, but they do not listen and remain afraid. What little faith!


Do you think I came into the world to be crucified for pleasure? I came to save you! I died for you so that your souls would be with My Father. They do not listen.  I tell My people to have faith in Me and gain my power of love. They question the truth. They question because they do not see. They have little faith. They think I do not notice them. They think I do not hear their prayers and listen, and they continue to suffer. Such little, little faith!


I say, first seek the Kingdom of God. Live in My faith and allow Me to give you My peace. Then and only then will you not suffer. Come into My loving arms at all times. Do not come to Me only in times of your need. Come to Me at all times.  Seek me at all times!


My people, humble yourselves to Me as I have humbled Myself to you! If you believe I died for you, then you would have faith in Me at all times. Whether you believe I came as a prophet of God as My Jews believe or as Son of Man, you would believe in the Kingdom of My Father and live in faith!  I tell you, you do not live your lives in faith!


First seek Me, your God. I wish to tell you, My people, that I listen to you; and it is I Who suffers much pain when you live with such little faith. I suffer because you do not believe that I have reserved a place for you in My Kingdom.


If you truly believed, you would have no fear. You would not be afraid to die! You see death as death, not as life! What little, little faith you have! If you think I was crucified once, you are mistaken! I die continuously for you because you continuously crucify Me! Soothe My wounds with your love and have faith in Me. If you have faith in Me, you have faith in My Father. If you have faith in My Father, you have faith in Me. Know the truth, My people.  Believe!  Live in My faith of everlasting goodness.


My people, I wish to tell you that I have not chosen this child because I love her more than you! There is no favoritism in My love. She seeks first the Kingdom of God. She brings to My Most Compassionate Heart daily prayers for you. She pleads for your salvation, and I listen to her. I listen to her because she listens to Me!


I tell you that long after My Mother is no longer permitted to come to you, I shall continue to speak to her because she listens to Me. Why do I mention My servant? She works, as you, and lives in My sacrament of love and marriage, as many of you. Why do I mention her? Because I wish for you to know how very extraordinary you all are and special to Me! I love you all!  I tell you this so that you will know that you can live in Me.


If I listen to her, who is very ordinary, would I not listen to you if you gave Me your heart? I tell you, My children, know that all of you will receive the great reward which awaits you if you will allow Me to give it to you!


Do not hesitate any longer, My people, in your love for Me. I wish for all souls to be with Me—not one, but all!  I have reserved a place for you! Please do not hesitate any longer. Come to Me! My pain for the desire of your love for Me is immense. Please stop crucifying Me by allowing Me to love you!