Vol I Lesson 63

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #63

June 22, 1989





My people, when you are verbally challenged with the truth of My goodness, I ask that you do not debate. There is no need to debate over what is fact!


If you wish a challenge, live your lives in My peace by practicing My ways. A challenge is not only carefully selecting your words, but putting your words into action!  So many of My people are quick to verbally respond, but slow in living out their words through their actions.


My people, live your lives with a conduct of goodness and purity. Practice and live in My ways of truth. This type of challenge will only seek favor for you from My Father, because you will be living in Me and in the favor of Me. Change your standard practices and live in the favor of Me through the purity of your actions.


This is the challenge and all who listen to Me and live in My love, My mercy and My peace, shall win favor in My sight and My Father’s.   The challenge: putting into action the words of My truth, purity, simplicity and faithfulness.


Peace to all of you.