Vol I Lesson 64

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #64

June 23, 1989





You have heard My Gospel words: “When you pray, pray quietly and privately in your room to My Father, and He shall reward you.” It is the truth!


Pray privately to me and I shall answer you. Do not seek attention in your prayer. Do not boast for the glory of God by seeking attention in your prayer. Pray privately to Me and I, Who hear your most private intentions, shall grant you accordingly.


Those who pray continuously and privately trust in Me and believe I hear them. I tell you, they shall be rewarded.  Community prayer also brings great glory to My Father and should be continued, but I am now speaking of true devotion to My Most Sacred Heart by praying to Me where no one can notice.


You do not realize how you are glorified tenfold in Me when you pray privately and continuously. Why? Because you are confident that I, your Lord, am hearing your prayers. It is true faith and trust, and I shall grant your request according to your most intimate happiness.  Praying privately to Me in your room does not mean that you are to discontinue community worship or stop receiving the gift of My Body and Blood. My people, you need community prayer for your strength and support through the love of one another.


I am speaking of additional prayer—one of intimate privacy and great glory. If you truly are My follower, you will not seek fame through prayer or attention. You will seek humility, purity and knowledge of My wisdom. When you pray alone to Me, it is you and I, heart to heart!


Many of My people cannot do this because they are uncomfortable with themselves and have little self-acceptance.  If they are uncomfortable praying privately in their rooms to Me, how can they receive My comfort and peace? How? They would not be allowing Me to love them! When My people are of this nature, I tell you, it is because they are afraid of the truth with which they would be faced and afraid of change.


There is so much turmoil in your world—high paced with stress for success and happiness. I tell you, time for My people to sit quietly and pray privately to Me is infrequent and awkward. Pray to Me, My people, in the comfort of your homes. I shall give to you many blessings. I shall take away your feelings of discomfort. Do not seek attention from other people in your prayer. Seek attention from Me! I shall grant you the peace you seek!