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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #66

July 8, 1989






My dear people, I grieve for your sins because of My great love for you.  My grief pierces My heart because of your sins.


Begin to live pure lives. Be conscious of your thoughts and words spoken from your tongues. The sin you commit is a result of your impure thoughts and careless words. Your actions reflect your love for Me.  I tell you that you cannot love Me at moments of your desire and call that “love”! You cannot love Me when you choose whom to love and whom not to love. Love all!  Do not hate your brothers—love them! Your actions are to reflect your holiness in Me. This is how you can decipher My true followers.


My people, please deny yourselves your personal desires and follow Me. Live in My ways. Do not be holy on the surface! Be holy within. Allow Me to live in you. A true disciple will deny himself and joyfully carry his cross, for his cross is his salvation.


I tell you, all of you, My people, that your personal desires will not grant you salvation! Only I, your Lord, am the Way, your Truth and your source of Life, granting everlasting salvation. Begin by making the effort, by carefully selecting your words, words of love and comfort. Be aware of your slandering thoughts and replace them with pure, non-judgmental ones.  Invite Me to purify you and you will be like newborn babes.


Realize, My dear ones, how often you judge your brothers and yourselves! I tell you, the measure you use to judge your brothers will be used to judge you by My Father. You can prevent your judgment by putting an end to the judgment criteria you have established.


Be pure, holy people. Be My people of peace. Stop your arguments; stop judging one another. Harbor pure thoughts and have your actions speak for you. Live in Me by allowing Me to live in you and make you holy people.


Go now in peace, My Peace. This is all I wish to say to you this day.