Vol I Lesson 70

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #70

July 24, 1989





My dear people, do not seek glory for yourselves. I tell you, if you do not first seek the Kingdom of God, your prayers are in vain and you are seeking your own glory.


I have told you that I shall glorify you in My Kingdom; but, in order for you to receive My glory, you must seek My Father’s Kingdom and allow Me to be One with you. Then and only then shall My glory be your glory! Pray with all of your heart and trust in Me.


I tell you, you do not fully trust in Me. As soon as something happens in your life which you interpret as a trauma, you do not trust, but live your lives in stress—a stress you create. Trust in Me emphatically. Accept what I bring you. Everything is for a purpose—a purpose to strengthen you and prepare you in faith for My Kingdom.


My people, you must discontinue your critical analysis of yourselves and others. Some of you say one is a messenger of God and the other is not.  I tell you, never discredit My words given to My messengers.  Please, stop creating your own conflicts. When you discredit, analyze and question the authenticity of Our words given to Our messengers in your arrogant, authoritative manner, you are discrediting, analyzing and questioning Us!


Be happy, filled people; and simply accept what We bring to you. I assure you this will strengthen not only your faith, but bring you your glory, the glory of Me being One with you. Thank you for accepting the truth, My people. Know My Kingdom is your kingdom, if you seek it first, above all things!