Vol I Lesson 73

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Volume I Lesson #73

July 29, 1989





My dear child, when My people come to Me to receive Reconciliation, I ask that they see Me in their hearts. I wish for them to pray to My Spirit to guide them in what needs to be asked in forgiveness; and then, in repentance, see Me in their hearts. A true confession will result from My Spirit’s guidance, and from their sincerity and humbleness.


So many of My dear people are frightened or feel awkward to seek Reconciliation from Me. I do not wish for any to be frightened. I wish for them to be filled with My happiness and peace. You see, My child, reconciliation conflicts with pride! When My people come to Me in the Sacrament, they feel frightened or awkward because their pride and ego conflict with the truth. They wish to control what they say in Reconciliation, the time of speaking to Me personally. My priests are My instruments; and I assure you that in this Sacrament, it is I you see, not My priest! It is I you are announcing your sins to, asking Me for forgiveness.


So many of My people wonder what they should say during their confession. If they would first see Me with their hearts, they would not be frightened.  Secondly, if they would then ask My Spirit to make known to them what needs to be cleansed in them and ask for guidance, it would be given to them along with My peace.  Thirdly and lastly, My people need to humble themselves to accept the truth, and allow Me to unite My goodness and purity in them. The joy and the freshness would be so overwhelming in this time of confession to Me that they would feel reborn. It would be a rebirth, and they would be united  to Me in My Oneness with the Trinity!


If they do not feel reborn and fresh, it is because they have not done what I have mentioned, and because they have denied themselves My truth by controlling what they say to Me, hiding their sins!


I wish to make this known to My people. It is I you reconcile with, not My priests! See Me with your hearts. Know it is I, and personally I, listening and granting you forgiveness.  My priests are My instruments. They do not label you as a bad sinner, because they also sin! They bless you in My Name, and affirm My forgiveness.


Please do not deny yourselves My goodness and peace. Allow Me to forgive you! All I ask of you is to come to Me and truthfully, sincerely and humbly ask for My forgiveness.  Do not hide from Me! Be honest and come to Me, so I can make My home with you!