Vol I Lesson 75

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #75

August  9, 1989





My child, know it is I, your Lord, who make you worthy in My sight! We must continue with another Lesson. It is a Lesson on death.


My people live their lives as if they have much time to pass! My people do not know the hour or day I shall come to take them. They do not live their lives in purity, good conscience or self-denial. When the time comes that they will be judged, the few minutes of their earthly life remaining is lived with grief and remorse for not repenting.  How foolish the one who thinks he shall live until tomorrow!  The day of tomorrow is uncertain.


Prepare as if death were today!  If you live your lives with good conscience and in My purity, you would not have much fear of death. You would know, visualize and be at peace with death, as being your true life.  Do not be attached to earthly things! Do not seek to find treasures in people. Seek your abode in Me.


I tell you, your many acquaintances shall forget you! You are only a momentary necessity to many, and many shall forget you! Seek your treasure in Me.  O’ the vanity of My people who seek success from others  only for their well-being, instead of seeking the successful path to everlasting life.


I tell you, the time will quickly come, and you shall betaken away; and at that time, you shall be taken out of sight and out of mind!  Live your lives, and strive for death to find you favorable in My sight!  Those whom I find prudent and prepared shall have full life in peace.  “For he does not know what hour the Son of Man shall come.”



Live your lives in purity, and as if death were to find you today. Be prepared and repent now! Do not seek fame and attachment to earthly things. Seek attachment to Me, and acquire heavenly treasures. Your earthly treasures shall disappear, and your fame easily be forgotten.


Be fearful that I, your Lord God, do not forget you! For those who live for earthly treasures and momentary pleasures shall be forgotten by the Son of Man.  Know death is the beginning of life. Those who live with humility and self-denial would be at peace with death. Those who do not live the truth of My words should fear the hour that death would fall upon them.  Fear that your soul be ready and found in good standing for the Son of Man to make His resting place! Repent and reform your earthly, vain lives to the life of everlasting peace!