Vol I Lesson 78

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #78

August 12, 1989




My dear child, it pleases Me so to see how your soul is beginning to magnify your Lord. When your soul magnifies Me, your spirit shall rejoice!


My people, you live your lives without dignity! You are complacent and have destroyed dignity! In your age today, My people die without dignity because there is lack of respect and love. I want dignity to be brought back to My poor!  You, My people, are poor, very poor—poor in Spirit!


Reach out to one another, and restore the grace of a peaceful life by treating one another with dignity, respect and love.  There is no time to waste.  Each moment you waste will result in your loss.


How do you restore dignity?  Do not seek vengeance with your tongues or be spiteful. Be free from contempt and haughtiness. Be a teacher by your way of living.  Preach by your deeds of a holy life.  Respect one another, and love one another with the purity of the love you have for Me!


Remember, the one who loves in purity will satisfy the hunger of man and restore dignity. He or she will restore life where there was death, and restore beauty where there was ugliness because of the lack of dignity and love.  Restore the dignity of My Love in your fellow brethren by being the living fruits of My Vine, the freshness and purity of beauty itself!